Shopping on Holiday: A Blog for Travellers

Shopping on Holiday: A Blog for Travellers

Make No Mistakes: How to Pick the Right Gun Safe

Wayne Miller

If you own a gun, then you don't want to be leaving it around on your table or tucking it behind your closet. That will be dangerous especially if you've got a big, happy family with jumpy children. You need a safe, not just any safe but the best gun safe. Viewing an online catalogue of these safes will baffle you because the choices are much more than you can count. However, you don't have to remain in your dilemma. All you need is a plan on how to narrow down your choices and here is the best one yet.

Bigger is better

This is very true with gun safes. You need to purchase something that's bigger than what you need because in most cases you are going to fill it up. You'll get more guns, add some jewellery and partition a compartment for important documents. Next thing you know, the safe is full.

Most gun owners make the mistake of getting a safe equal to their needs and end up buying another. Keeping your guns close to each other or bumping against jewellery and magazines introduces scratches. That's something that kills the appeal of your weapon. As an extra feature, the bigger safes are usually sturdier and safer.


You should ask yourself one important question: who are you keeping away from the vault? If it's the kids, then a simple bolt would be just fine. However, if you're trying to protect your guns from a skilled thief, then you need to add more bells and whistles. But as you can imagine, they come with a high price tag.

There are biometric locks which use fingerprints to unlock the safe and they can be extremely secure. You could also choose to have a safe with a combination lock to prevent you from suffering the consequences of losing a key. Aim to have at least four dead bolts on the side of the door with the hinge and a live bolt on the top and bottom of the safe. You can determine just how far you need to go by consulting with resources such as Wholesale Racking Australia T/As Office City.

Fire resistance

A good safe needs to offer protection against fire. This is important because a gun safe holds much more than guns. Most owners have their title deeds and other crucial documents, not to mention boxes of ammunition. You're looking for a safe that can stand temperatures of around 650 degrees centigrade for around 30 minutes. You will get this information from its fire rating.


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