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Shopping on Holiday: A Blog for Travellers

Which flowers are best for which occasion?

Wayne Miller

When you want to show someone that you're thinking of them, a delivery of flowers is usually the way to go. A bouquet can usually put a smile on someone's face no matter the occasion - but often, specific flowers can be used to symbolize exactly the message you wish to convey. Read on to find out exactly what flowers you should select when you want to brighten up a special someone's day.

Valentine's Day

Think of a Valentine's Day colour, and your mind will most probably jump to red or pink. There's a good reason for that - red and pink are the colours most associated with love, passion and lust.  Red roses especially symbolize true love, and have long been used as a token between lovers in countless plays, books and films. You could also use forget-me-nots, red or purple violets, or chrysanthemums - they all mean 'love' in the language of flowers. 


In all honesty, the wedding flowers are the domain of the bride - whatever she wants, she should get, even if they're the most inappropriate flower in the world to anyone familiar with their meaning. Perhaps she just likes the shape or the colour, and that's valid too. But some nice flowers for weddings include the Calla Lilly, which symbolizes beauty and is currently very popular, the more traditional stephanotis, which is a symbol of marital happiness, and of course the red rose again.

Get Well Soon

Whilst someone being in the hospital probably couldn't be described as 'an occasion', there's a reason flowers are traditionally given to the unwell - they can brighten up a dreary hospital room and just generally (as studies have shown) make an ill person feel better. Make sure to avoid flowers with strong scents. Even if you think they smell nice, the recipient may not feel the same way. Try getting green plants, as green is a relaxing colour, and their presence may also make the room feel 'fresher'. Brightly coloured flowers like pansies or sunflowers might also help. And make sure you don't get them flowers that need a lot of care and attention, as they may not necessarily be able to look after them.

Prom Night

It's an old-fashioned, but incredibly sweet gesture for a guy to bring a girl flowers for prom night (or other dates for that matter.) What should he pick? Well, roses are probably a bit much if it's a first date. And he'll want to avoid the colour yellow - in flowers, that symbolizes friendship rather than romance. Basically, he needs something pretty, understated, and not too overpowering in smell. Orchids are currently very popular. Carnations and baby's breath are also good choices.


Funerals are not a happy occasion, but they are an occasion in which it's become traditional to offer flowers. White lilies tend to be the flowers most associated with funerals, as they symbolize memories, but roses (in any colour) are popular too. Blue flowers can represent calmness and peace. But on the whole, it's best to ask what the family would like and take it from there.

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