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Shopping on Holiday: A Blog for Travellers

What to Do With Your Loved Ones Belongings After They Pass

Wayne Miller

A loved one's death is very difficult to deal with even if they have been sick or anticipating it for a long time. There are a lot of things you have to organise straight away, from the funeral arrangements to the reading of the will. One thing that is often forgotten about is just what to do with all the items the deceased left behind that were not included in the will and that relatives and friends don't want. A lifetime's worth of things can add up to quite the collection that might seem impossible to deal with.

Luckily there is a service that can deal with this problem with grace and care: a deceased estates clearance

What Is A Deceased Estates Clearance?

A deceased estates clearance is a service provided by many property clearance businesses that gets rid of anything and everything left behind in the house or apartment of your loved one. You might at first assume that you can take care of all the items in the house on your own. However, when it gets down to it, you will realise that not only is moving hundreds of kilograms worth of furniture, mattresses, books, clothing, appliances and general clutter is no easy task, but finding where to put it after you have cleared it is quite difficult too. If you were to do it on your own, you would need to find a landfill site that would accept it and then hire a truck to drive all this stuff out there. It's much easier to let the experts do it.

Professional Disposal Of Dangerous Materials

Occasionally when going through their loved one's house, people find out that that they kept some dangerous chemicals and medication lying around. Things like expired paint, cleaning and bleaching liquids and perhaps even some industrial-strength chemicals from an old job are not uncommon discoveries. These need to be safely transported to an approved drop-off point. These chemicals can be a serious hazard to your health if handled wrongly which is why it is always best left to the experts.

Too Painful

There are a lot of good common-sense reasons to use a deceased estates clearance to empty out your loved one's property, but at the end of the day, the main reason people use them is that it is simply too painful to be around the house of your loved one. That is okay to admit as many people will still have extremely raw emotions weeks and even months after the death. There is no reason to put yourself through pain if there is a service that can do the job better and more efficiently than you can anyway. 


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